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As everyone knows my favourite TV show is the Real Housewives of Cheshire, a reality show following the lives of some very successful housewives. I love watching the glitz and the glamour that these ladies bring us, and with them living not too far from me I have been fortunate to meet six of the nine housewives. Aside from the enviable houses and to die for wardrobes they also all have their own business ventures which I’m keen to find out more about. This prompted me to do this post and get more of an insight into their hectic lives.

At a recent event I met the lovely Lauren Simon, one of the stars from RHOC, which was first broadcast in January 2015. An original cast member, known for her straight talking, sense of humour and flair for life, Lauren is no stranger to living the high life. Having been raised in Cheshire, at the age of 21 she went to work in Los Angeles as an MTV presenter, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Bruce Willis, Mark Wahlberg and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. With her fun loving nature I can see why she was very popular and successful.


These days, along with filming, she is a busy mum to two daughters, still living in leafy Cheshire, she is launching her own high end perfume ‘Lauren Stone Number One’. Lauren likes to be unique and usually wears perfume from abroad ‘so no one smells like her’. But now she is happy for everyone to smell for like her when they wear her perfume.


The perfume is unisex and is a rich spicy mix of amber, oud and sandlewood. The ingredients were specifically chosen by Lauren, who put a lot of thought and detail into the product, ensuring only the highest quality of oils were used. The packaging and the bottle is also elegant and eye catching, in classy black and gold, and features the same flower that Lauren has tattooed on her back.


The first time I met Lauren I was with my son, and was lucky enough to get a taster spray of her perfume. The scent was very distinctive, but not overpowering, which is important to me as I react to some strong smelling perfumes. I noticed the next morning my coat still smelt lovely, and the fragrance had not gone stale, unlike other perfumes I’ve used in the past. Later that week I bumped into Lauren again, where I asked for another spray! I was hooked! When I got home my son said, ‘are you wearing Lauren again?’. I think he secretly wants a bottle too!


For anyone also wanting to try Lauren’s perfume, she will be showcasing it this Thursday 1st December at Hoopers Department Store in Wilmslow, Cheshire, where it will also be available to purchase. I will definitely be there as I’ve had words with Santa and told him I’ve been good this year so I deserve a bottle!


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  1. Boyu says:

    Oh ‘ll have to check out this show 🙂 Haha great read!

    Boyu xx

    1. CheshireLiz says:

      You’ll be hooked 😊. Thank you for reading xx

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