Pink Tiger Events Christmas Lunch 2016

This month I won a competition! I have never won anything before, so I was over the moon! I had won a ticket to attend Pink Tiger Events Christmas lunch, a lavish, celebrity filled event raising money for charity, so you can imagine how excited I was!


Pink Tiger Events is a bespoke events, PR and social media company and is run by James Golden and Chantelle Heskey. The lunch was being held at the recently opened bar and restaurant, Menagerie, across the river from Spinningfields in Manchester City Centre.

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When I arrived I got to walk along yet another red carpet, my Beyonce swagger rises again. I could get used to this! Mojito cocktails greeted all guests as everyone got into the Christmas spirit. The lovely Tanya Bardsley, from Real Housewives of Cheshire, was there with her mum and friends. They remembered me from the Liverpool fashion event last month, so I obviously made an impression- a good one I hope!

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I spotted Leanne Brown, another Housewife, showcasing her clothing range, Kiss Frogs, so off I went to get my photo opportunity. I’m still in awe meeting these ladies after watching them on my screen for the past two years, but I do try to act age appropriate when in their company, whether it works or not I couldn’t say. But I try!


When it was time to eat we were all seated at our tables by the host and hostess, James and Chantelle. As the lucky competition winner, James sat me on the Pink Tiger table with some of the stars of the event. Really? Me? On a celebrity table? Wow! Excitement rose again and I think I let out a little screech! James looked after me so well, making sure I was ok – why wouldn’t I be, look where I was!


It was then time for Chantelle, and her sister Rikaya, who recently was the tour host for Kevin Hart’s new release What Now, to take to the stage. Raffles and games took place to raise money for Chantelle’s charity, One Foundation, which helps orphanage’s in Africa. Some of the prizes up for grabs included a voucher to use at the event sponsors, Mac Aesthetics, a non-surgical facial clinic, now that would have come in very handy! 

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Lunch was served, with Christmas songs playing in the background to get everyone in the festive spirit, as well as swinging dancers. I was glad I have very good table manners ( thanks Mum, years of training when I was little came in very handy) but I was still quite apprehensive a carrot didn’t fly off my plate and hit a celebrity in the face! Magali Gorre, another Housewife, was also sat on our table – in case anyone is interested I’ve now met SIX Housewives, another three to go, if anyone can sort that out for me please and thank you very much!- she had everyone in stitches and kept the jokes and laughter flowing all afternoon.


After lunch, which happily went incident free, we were treated to a fashion show by celebrity designer Zeynep Kartal. Models included business lady and full-time mum Jude Cisse, who can be seen on her new TV show VillaJude, with ‘my’ James (he doesn’t know this is my title I’ve given him so ssshhh), interior designer Philipe Marques and Misse Beqiri all featuring in the show. I have been following Jude for awhile (not in a stalking way of course) as I find her inspirational,  juggling her career whilst looking after her boys, so I was keen to chat to her and pick up some tips. I completely forgot to ask her questions as she was showing me how to take the perfect selfie. Now that’s an important tip too right?  

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Alas, the afternoon came to an end. What an absolutely fantastic experience I was so very lucky to be part of. This Christmas lunch runs every year so I would highly recommend booking it next year! They were well supported by their families and friends, I especially enjoyed mingling with the Liverpool ‘crew’ and was a little sad that I was unable to go to the after party with them, but mummy duties called.  From some of pictures I’ve seen it looked like an enjoyable night. I want to say a massive thank you to James and Chantelle for having me and looking after me so well, truly the perfect hosts!


Much love,



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